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With a career spanning more than 30 years, Huguette has been involved in a number of human resources projects, including development and recruitment for companies in the industrial, manufacturing and service sectors.

His participation in several company start-ups and his involvement in defining hiring and resource integration strategies have solidified his reputation.

Thanks to her achievements and involvement, she knows the issues well and is quick to adapt to situations. Her diversified expertise in the consulting field makes her an excellent business partner.

Huguette R. Boulanger, Consulting Partner

Director, Consulting Services

Jeannette is an expert in human resources management. With over 15 years' experience, she excels in understanding the specific needs of each customer, creating tailor-made solutions.

Her dynamic leadership, strategic insight and business vision make her a driving force in our team.

She actively contributes to shaping high-performance teams and stimulating organizational growth.

Jeannette Boulanger, Partner, CPA, M.Sc.


Passionate about aligning talent and organizations, Philippe has excelled in creating customized recruitment and compensation strategies for over 15 years. His in-depth skills in recruitment, pay equity and compensation make him a recognized and successful expert.

Philippe Marceau, CHRP

Senior Director

With over 30 years' experience, Jean is one of the pillars of our team. His vast expertise in psychometric assessment, human resources and coaching helps shape our approach and guide our customers. A trusted partner, he will assist you with all your organizational challenges.

Jean Martel, M. Ps.

Senior Director

With over 25 years' experience in consulting services, Esther excels at coordinating administrative activities and optimizing processes. Recognized for her ability to maintain a rigorous organization and manage priorities with precision, she is determined to support the team and ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Esther Gauthier


A human resources professional for over 10 years, Catherine excels in identifying the talent that matches her clients' specific needs, optimizing recruitment processes. She also assists organizations with pay equity issues and compensation strategies to ensure employee satisfaction and retention.

Catherine Therrien, CHRP

Senior Advisor

Passionate about human resources for over 7 years, Sophie helps organizations develop their human capital, improve their corporate culture and create a work environment conducive to employee fulfillment. She excels at identifying the right profiles and creating lasting synergies between candidates and companies.

Sophie Blanchette, M. Sc.


Claudia's technical skills, versatility and ability to effectively manage a multitude of files mean that she supports our team in carrying out various administrative tasks and contributes greatly to our team's operational excellence. 

Claudia Allard

Administrative assistant

Nassima is mainly involved in psychometric assessment mandates. Her meticulousness and speed of execution make her a valuable asset to our team.

Nassima El Hor

Administrative assistant

With a career spanning more than 30 years in human resources in the mining industry in Canada and abroad, Chantal is recognized for her ability to think outside the box and her determination to achieve both individual and collective goals. Drawing on her adaptability and versatility, she has already contributed to four major company start-ups. In 2016, she was named one of the 100 most inspiring women in the mining world. Her extensive experience in human resources and organizational development, combined with her passion for corporate cultures, makes her an undeniable asset when it comes to implementing HR strategies.

Chantal Francoeur

HR strategy consultant and associate

Émile brings dynamic energy and contagious enthusiasm to our team. Proactive and interested, he is developing professionally and acquiring in-depth skills by assisting our professionals with recruitment, compensation management and pay equity mandates.

Émile Dostie

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