Stand out from the competition, ensure pay equity and structure your compensation package

How can you ensure that your compensation package is competitive?

You need to know a lot about the market to be able to focus your compensation. You've already got a lot on your shoulders, so let us guide you through the process. Not only will you comply with the Pay Equity Act, but you'll also be able to develop an attractive offer for your future candidates and employees, with the implementation of compensation policies and programs (salary, bonuses, group RRSPs, etc.).


Are you equipped to comply with the Pay Equity Act? And, above all, how do you maintain it?

Our specialists can help you implement and maintain pay equity within your organization. You'll get the tools and advice you need. So you can comply simply and rigorously. In the event of an investigation or dispute, you'll also be supported by our team.

Make sure you manage your compensation package with the help of our experts:

  • Pay equity consulting
  • Internal and external equity consulting
  • Initial exercise and maintenance of pay equity
  • Advice and implementation of a salary structure
  • Search for salary comparables
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